Ronda Rousey Kicking Ass As A ‘Street Fighter II’ Character Is F*cking Terrifying

Just as they did with their hilarious spoof mocking bandwagon sports fans last week, our good friends over at The Kicker decided to put together another video for us to get a kick out of, literally.

That’s because they put resident UFC badass Ronda Rousey into the video game Street Fighter II and had her go up against some dudes who were fictionally running their mouths about how Rowdy Ronda couldn’t hold her own against the fellas—and it went the way we all thought it would.

The only thing this vid is missing is Floyd Mayweather Jr. being one of the bros Rousey pulverizes—because that’s a matchup we’d all want to see go down.

[H/T The Kicker]

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