This Could Be The Surest Sign Yet That Ronda Rousey Is Ready To Work For The WWE

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Despite UFC fans’ deep desire to see Ronda Rousey return to the octagon I think that it’s a foregone conclusion that her days in MMA are done. Cryptic messages or not, she seems very happy not having her face caved in by other fighters. Even Dana White thinks she’s done.

Rousey is already well into her acting career with an excellent appearance on Blind Spot in May.

Plus, this summer she will appear as a coach on the reboot of Battle of the Network Stars.

It’s that show’s upcoming premiere that has wrestling fans thinking that her recent binge of following WWE personnel on Twitter (screenshots via Middle Easy) could mean she will be appearing at SummerSlam to help promote her role on Battle of the Network Stars.

ronda rousey wwe twitter


ronda rousey wwe twitter


So, despite Rousey’s less-than-stellar exit from the UFC would the WWE still be interested? Paul Heyman thinks so. As does none other than Jim Ross, according to Yahoo! Sports.

If Rousey were to opt to retire as an MMA fighter, would she still be a viable athlete in the WWE given the crushing defeats she suffered in the UFC?

As far as Ross, a popular long-time wrestling broadcaster and former WWE executive vice president of talent relations, is concerned, Rousey would thrive in pro wrestling.

“None whatsoever,” Ross said regarding the impact of Rousey’s losses on her popularity in wrestling. “Ronda is a star of a major magnitude with immediate name identity. Her image, her marketing image, that has been perpetuated with a lot of wins, obviously, is a global recognition.

“Their network, it’s all about getting people to sample the WWE Network. Ronda Rousey, in a provocative, nicely arced story, can still do that.”

Ross even went so far as to say he “would be extremely shocked if she didn’t earn seven figures-plus” with the WWE.

I, for one, am all for it. Make it happen, Triple H.

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