Ronda Rousey’s Ex-Boyfriend Describes What She Needs In A Man, Says He Was ‘Too Much’ Of A Man For Her

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Ronda Rousey is a polarizing character.

It’s undisputed that she is by far and away the best female fighter in the world, but judging by the comment section on our Rowdy Ronda posts, bros seem to be split on whether they think she’s attractive or not. I have pathetically low standards so take this for what it’s worth, but I think she’s a fox. Like a fox I’d like to screw. Most of you bros would agree with me, whether your comments dictate that or not.

So it’s intriguing to get a little insider information on what kind of bro suits Ronda. With such an intimidating physical presence coupled with A-list fame, is she looking for someone of equal stature and celebrity or a joe shmo who just kisses her ass and holds her purse?

Who better to find that information out that her ex-boyfriend, Brendan Schaub, who appeared on Joe Rogan’s “Fight Companion” podcast over the weekend.

A little background information on this dude from my extensive Wikipedia search: he’s a mixed martial artist, podcaster, and former AFL football player who had a brief stint on the Buffalo Bills practice squad. He seems like a pretty down-to-earth dude.

Schaub spoke about Rousey’s dominance of the sport before launching into a semi-bitter tirade about what kind of man Rousey needs, contrasting that with how his personality wasn’t suitable for the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

When asked about the idea of reuniting with Rousey, Schaub said:

“I’m not the guy for the job. She needs a guy who’s gonna take a backseat. She’s surrounded by people that worship her and go, ‘Yes, yes…That’s a great idea.’ But when I went, ‘That’s not a good idea,’ now I’m a hater.”

Rogan eventually cut off Schaub, who showed no signs of slowing down, citing Ronda’s inability to defend herself.

Check out the interview footage below:

Ronda, I’ll be your YES MAN.



No? Ok, I’ll go fuck myself.

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