This Roughing The Passer Penalty Called Against The Seahawks Involving Dak Prescott Might Be The Weakest Penalty Call In NFL History

Earlier today Green Bay Packers defensive star Clay Matthews called out the NFL for “getting soft” when he was called for his third roughing the passer penalty in consecutive weeks.

Well, obviously, I don’t agree with it,” Matthews said after the game. “Again, last week I thought I hit the quarterback correctly. My head was to the side again, wrapped him up, and you see me as soon as I hit the ground, I tried to pull my hands out. Obviously, when you’re tackling a guy from the front, you’re going to land on him. I understand the spirit of the rule, I said that weeks prior, but when you have a hit like that, that’s a football play.”

All day today there have been several ridiculous roughing the passer penalties called but none of them were as bad as the one called in the Seahawks game where Dak Prescott was barely touched after the play but acted like he had gotten murdered.

The refs threw a flag on the play and the Internet was fucking pissed.