Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy Goes Ballistic And Unloads On Ref After Clay Matthews Gets Called For Another Roughing The Passer Penalty

Last week, Clay Matthews was called for roughing the passer late against the Vikings that cost the Packers a win.

The NFL went on to double and triple down that the call was correct and wasn’t part of the league’s new “body weight” rule.


A league source reiterated Monday that the “technique of grabbing the passer from behind the leg or legs, scooping and pulling in an upward motion, is a foul.”

Both Matthews’ penalty and the one earlier in the game on Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks fit into that category, according to the league. Those plays will be shared with teams by Al Riveron, the NFL’s senior vice president of officiating, to “reiterate that this tactic is a foul.”

Riveron will remind clubs the penalty has been on the books for several years and is not considered part of the 2018 “point of emphasis” related to defensive players landing on the quarterback.

Today, Matthews was called for yet another roughing the passer penalty which led to a full on meltdown by coach Mike McCarthy who went after the refs on the field.

Packers fans were also unhappy with the call.