Watch A Rugby Scrum Go BEAST MODE Against A Formula One Car, Proving That Man > Machine


We all know that rugby players are some of the biggest Bros in the world. That said, in our football-loving culture, we rarely celebrate their accomplishments and beastly feats of strength.

So just how powerful is a rugby scrum? Can it’s raw torque really be measured? Can eight Goliath men the size of Mack Trucks show a 750-brake horsepower F1 car who’s boss?

In a stunt for Red Bull, Bath Rugby showed off against Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo to see whether man’s brute strength is still more powerful that a finely-tuned speed machine. The good news: As long as Skynet’s mechanoids aren’t shooting, we can still go Ivan Drago in the war of the machines.

Go watch the full video at Red Bull…

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