Russell Westbrook Gets Heated And Tries To Confront Lakers Fan Who Yelled ‘You F’in Suck’

It’s only game 2 of the NBA season, and Russell Westbrook is already beefing with Lakers fans.

On Thursday night, Westbrook struggled to score on offense when he3 went 0-11 from the field and was only able to pick up two points.

Westbrook made a bit of history during the game with his terrible shooting.

During the game, Lakers fans could be heard trolling Westbrook all night long.

One Lakers fan took his trolling too far and apparently yelled, “You f’in suck at Westbrook.

The Lakers guard, who is known to confront disrespectful fans, turned around and yelled back at the fan while being held back by security.

NBA fans feel terrible for Westbrook considering how he’s being treated by his own fans.

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