Russell Wilson Is Getting Absolutely DESTROYED By The Internet For His Cheesy New Rambo-Inspired Poster

Russell Wilson has to be feeling pretty good about himself these days. He just got married to a total smokeshow. (Which means he’s having sex on the regular again.) He’s still the main man in Seattle having defied all the odds. And now he’s the face of a charity cause which produced…uh…that poster you see up there.

Do I even need to point out that Darren Rovell called it “cool” for you to see just how uncool it really is?

Of all the NFL players in the world, Russell Wilson is about the least badass, commando-type player I can think of so what were they thinking?

No idea, but I know what the internet is thinking and they… are… loving it. Unfortunately, not for the reasons Russell probably intended.

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H/T Terez Owens; Uproxx

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