Russell Wilson’s Former Teammate Makes Bold Prediction About The Denver Broncos


Getty Image / Justin Edmonds

  • One of Russell Wilson’s former teammates made a bold prediction about his new team
  • KJ Wright believes the Denver Broncos will finish last in the AFC West
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The Denver Broncos couldn’t have asked for much more out of their offseason. When they traded for Russell Wilson, they fixed their roster’s biggest issue from last season. They also added Randy Gregory to an already very strong defense.

These moves have many believing the Broncos will win the AFC West and some think they’re even Super Bowl contenders. It turns out Wilson has a former teammate who isn’t quite as impressed.

During an interview with USA Today’s Mackenzie Salmon, KJ Wright revealed that he actually believes the Broncos will finish last in the AFC West.

I have the Raiders [at No. 1] … the Chargers at No. 2. I got the Chiefs finishing third

Wright revealed in the interview that he is not a believer in the Broncos’ defense.

“You got to look at it from a holistic standpoint — you got to look outside of the quarterbacks, what’s on the other side of the ball, what’s on defense. I believe the Broncos have some pieces, but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough to slow down these weapons in this division. It’s going to be tight, but only three are going to make it.”

Wright has since doubled down on his belief that the Raiders are the best team in the division.

The AFC West is going to be tough next season, but it is still difficult to picture a Broncos squad led by Wilson with the weapons around him and a defense that was pretty strong last season finish in last next season. However things turn out in the division, there is no doubt it will be football’s most interesting division during the 2022 season.