New Orleans Saints Accidentally Emailed All 31 NFL Teams Their Signing Strategy, Lost Their QB Pick To The Bears


NFL free agency and drafting is way less exciting as the NBA and NHL. It’s way less chaotic and way easier to follow. On the one hand, I prefer it because I don’t completely miss big moves or mix up who’s going where. On the other hand, it takes some of the fervor out of it all when the trades are just presented to you on a silver platter.

However, like all sports, some teams come out of these trade seasons better than others. This can be due to anything, including the proficiency of the team’s front office. And, apparently, the Saints office is a bunch of drunks, because they accidentally emailed all other 31 teams their desire to acquire quarterback Connor Shaw.

Wow, great job guys. You ever used email before? The kicker here is that the Bears, who have priority over the Saints in the waiver order, decided that they needed Shaw more than the Saints and picked him up themselves.

While the Bears claim that they didn’t do this to spite the Saints, they 100% did. Like of course they did. Honestly, I’m not sure why the Saints needed a fourth quarterback. Doesn’t say much for the front office’s confidence in the franchise. But also, they don’t know how to use fucking email, so I wouldn’t take their thoughts, comments and opinions very seriously.

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