This Ridiculous Sam Darnold Mono Graphic On ‘MNF’ Got Rightfully Mocked By NFL Fans

by 10 months ago

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

We get it, Sam Darnold, you make out with chicks. Didn’t have to go out and contract a virus to prove it.

It was announced last week that the Jets quarterback would not play in the team’s no good, very bad loss to the Browns on Monday night. The 22-year-old has contracted mononeuclosis, aka ‘the kissing disease,’ and speaking from someone who’s had mono, a walk to the bathroom feels like an ultra marathon. There are moments when you truly believe you are going to die.

Even if Darnold saw all the ferocious memes made at his expense, the poor bastard probably couldn’t muster up the energy to defend himself.

And just when you thought the joke was wrung dry, ESPN infuses more life into it by throwing up this hyper-dramatic graphic on MNF that features Darnold in a superhero pose next to an aggressively bold text of his illness. It’s as if Darnold is saying, “You’re next, sweetheart.”

The graphic was only up for a few seconds, but that’s all the time the internet needs to mock the tits out of it.

Aaaaaaaaand I need to go to church for laughing at this:

For all the Jets fans who haven’t yet jumped off a bridge, it’s been reported that Sam Darnold is ‘already feeling better.’

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