Sam Darnold Gave An Honest Update About His Spleen: ‘I Wanna Make Sure I’m Safe Out There And I’m Not Gonna Die’

sam darnold mono update

Getty Image / Brett Carlsen

This season’s edition of ‘what the hell is going to happen to the Jets this year?’ got off to a quick start when Sam Darnold was diagnosed with mononucleosis following a loss to the Bills in Week 1.

The second-year quarterback returned to practice earlier this week and was able to give an update on his recovery and most importantly his spleen. For those that don’t know, mono can cause your spleen to enlarge and if it ruptures can cause death. He wants to make sure he doesn’t die out there.

Best gameplan in the league this year? How about the best game plan of all-time.

That wasn’t the only golden quote that Darnold blessed the media with. He got a little more specific about his spleen and flat-out said he doesn’t know whether it’s good or not. It seems like a pretty important thing to know, but hey I just write words, not diagnose or assess mono.

You have to applaud him for his honesty here though. He’s not wrong, his spleen just like your spleen is going to do what it’s going to do, no controlling that. Interestingly enough, you can actually live without a spleen.

Darnold hasn’t been cleared for contact as of Thursday afternoon. The hope around the Jets is that he can return next week when they welcome the Cowboys to town.