Sam Ponder Has a Pretty Solid Burn For a Troll on Twitter

by 6 years ago


A lot of talented sideline reporters are often too afraid of the sports Twitter trolls who objectify them in various gross ways. Though many aspire to be “the next Erin Andrews,” their job is a terrifying one; Sadly, there are a lot of sad douchebags in the world who’s impulse the second you’re on shown on TV is to tweet creepy shit about how badly they want to have sex with you. I can’t fathom how they deal with it.

Sam Ponder, however, does a phenomenal job at warding off the sports Twitter trolls of the world, especially over the past few weeks. For example, Jake here got a taste of her sass when he attempted a lame put down by saying that her husband, underperforming Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, will take her job, implying that Christian will soon be out of a job.

Nicely done, Sam. Way to stick up for your man.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.23.30 PM



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