Introducing Saquon Barkley’s Family – NFL Linebackers Can’t Be Happy Knowing Saquon Has A Younger Brother

Saquon Barkley family little brother

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Nike has made a significant push to remind people to stay at home during these tough times. Some of the content from their campaign has not only been insightful but heartwarming as well. It was Saquon Barkley’s turn to be a part of the Play Inside campaign today and I was asked to announce the intros to the family “starting lineup”. Each member of the Barkley family came out one by one to introduce themselves as if they were getting ready for Game 7 against the Chicago Bulls.

An immediate take away from the starting lineup, besides the fact that his 2-year-old daughter Jada is absolutely adorable, was that there is indeed a younger Barkley. Ali Barkley, the younger brother of Saquon is a six-foot, 190 pound running back that shows some pretty scary similarities to his brother Saquon. Ali is dominating high school football in Pennsylvania just like his brother did years ago and is already looking into a possible commitment to his big brother’s alma mater, Penn State. Could you imagine another Barkley wreaking havoc in today’s NFL? The Barkley’s just may be giving the Bosa family a run for their money in NFL family dominance.

What an absolute honor it was to be a part of this video and announce for Saquon and his family. I don’ think you can find a nicer, more humble guy in the league than Saquon. His team and I have built a good relationship over the past year and I jumped at the chance to do this.

A big shoutout goes out to Nike for letting me make this as funny as possible while not crossing any vulgar lines that a Fortune 500 company can’t cross. It was a true blast to make such a simple, yet powerful message to convince people to do the right thing and JUST STAY HOME.

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