Sauce Gardner Has Already Placed A Curse On The Jets’ Season

Jets' Sauce Gardner wearing a packers cheesehead

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The New York Jets acquired future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a trade earlier this week, so naturally, the players on the infamously moribund franchise on feeling quite good about themselves these days.

In celebration of Rodgers’ official arrival to the Big Apple earlier this week, the clearly-giddy trio of Breece Hall, Ashtyn Davis, and star cornerback Sauce Gardner all changed their Twitter profile pictures to a photo of the signal-caller from his playing days at the University of California.

While it’s understandable that players on a team that currently owns the NFL’s longest postseason drought are excited about the acquisition of an MVP-caliber QB, Gardner, in particular, may have taken his enthusiasm a bit too far, as he’s now having to walk back some comments he made, as per ProFootballTalk:

Appearing on the Slow News Day podcast with Kevin Clark, Gardner was asked whether the team’s protracted postseason drought ends this year.

“Most definitely,” Gardner replied. “We were a playoff team last year, you know, we just — we didn’t finish like we were supposed to. But with A-Rod joining and a few more new pieces, that just makes it like easy.”

Gardner took to Twitter to clarify his comments. “Easier,” he now says, not “easy.”

Gardner’s assessment of the Jets’ postseason potential certainly isn’t entirely misplaced, as the team currently has the seventh-best odds to win next season’s Super Bowl, trailing only the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Dallas Cowboys.

Still, given the history of the Jets organization, any sort of proclamations of success will always cause fans to raise their eyebrows and begin sweating a potential jinx.

The New York Jets will be officially unveiling Rodgers as a member of the team in a press conference on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 26.

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