Aaron Rodgers Sparks Online Reaction By Liking Zach Wilson Related Post

Aaron Rodgers stands on the field.

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The Aaron Rodgers saga is officially done. The former MVP is off to New York after finalizing his deal with the Jets.

That news has a major impact on the team’s quarterback room as he’ll immediately be inserted into the starting role. Former first-round pick Zach Wilson, among others, will now move a spot down the depth chart.

Earlier this offseason, Wilson was asked about the possibility of the Jets signing a veteran passer as they weren’t exactly thrilled with the product put on the field in last year’s 7-10 campaign.

He said he planned to “make that dude’s life hell in practice every day.”

That “dude” is now Rodgers as the Jets and Packers finalized terms for the pending trade. The news ended an eventful offseason for the passer, who’s been through the darkness, the light, new dating interests, and old controversies.

Now, he has a new home.

After news of Aaron Rodgers’ move to New York broke, many quickly went back to remind folks of Zach Wilson’s previous comments. Rodgers liked one of those posts on Tuesday, leading to a major reaction on social media.

Fans immediately responded as they tried to figure out what to make of it.

Some believed that Rodgers was stirring the pot, taking a jab at his new teammate.

One fan wrote, “He’s trolling,” while another said, “Ahhh, the A-Rod drama is already beginning.”

Many are just waiting for things to fall apart.

Others, however, believe Rodgers respects Wilson’s mindset as a competitor and a friend.

We’ll see the dynamic in the Jets quarterback room soon enough.