Cleveland Indians Fan Takes The Best And Only Acceptable Selfie Of 2016 — The ‘Scoreboard Selfie’

Mark your calendars: on May 3rd, 2016 the first and only acceptable selfie of 2016 was taken as the Cleveland Indians dispatched the Detroit Tigers (in the Cleve) with a score of 3 to 7.

One lucky fan was caught on the jumbotron, phone already in hand, and while I think it’s pretty bunk that his first instinct was ‘take a selfie’ I do think the end result was pretty tight:

That chick he’s with is straight up dumbfounded. Think about it, how often in life do we actually make it on the jumbotron? A handful of times, at most, unless you’re a dimepiece with tig ol bitties. From where I’m sitting it looks like that was the first time she’s ever made it up on the big screen, and she’s caught like a deer in headlights. Meanwhile that dude saw his chance to take the greatest selfie of 2016 and he took it.

Good for him? Great for him? Who cares because it’s Cleveland and their slogan is ‘at least we’re not Detroit’?

(via r/baseball)