Scott Van Pelt Solidifies His Bro-Ness By Telling Notre Dame’s Mike Brey They’ll Grab Drinks In Dewey Beach This Summer

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Scott Van Pelt there are many reason why Scott Van Pelt is one of the biggest Bros at ESPN. One of them is how he’s a veteran of many Dewey Beach summers, long-championing the best beach/bar town on the East Coast.

Dewey Beach is my favorite weekend playground in the world. It’s a magical place where time is suspended in the comapny of friends — you roll out of bed at 11, walk two blocks to the Starboard for a bloody mary, then — five bars, three orange crushes, and six Grotto pizza slices later — it’s suddenly 3AM. It’s shangri-la in the mid-Atlantic.

Scott Van Pelt knows this. So does Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey, who grew up in Maryland and coached at Delaware for years. Last night on SportsCenter, Van Pelt concluded his interview with Brey by telling him that they should recap the last couple months on the deck of The Starboard, the ultimate oasis for Bros. Brey’s enthusiastic fist-pump says it all:


Listen to the full interview here. This comes on the heels of SVP dropping Starboard references on SportsCenter a few months ago when Delaware hoops beat a crazy spread.

It turns out the Notre Dame hoops coach is quite a Dewey Beach guy:

Hopefully when the two Bro out in flip flops we get a voicemail as good as the one that associated Scott Van Pelt with Dewey in infamy:

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