Jonas Was A Real Douchebag To Dewey Beach, But Don’t Worry, Bros — The Starboard Is Fine!


How sweet was that blizzard this weekend, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Bros? Pretty damn sweet. It was an excuse to sit on the couch and eat chili and binge-watch Netflix for like 40 hours straight. Plus… Snow shenanigans!

Jonas wasn’t so nice to everyone, however. Coastal Delaware and South Jersey got ROCKED by the storm, causing brutal tidal surges. Evacuating the coastal areas for dryer ground inland was pretty much a must. In the Bro Mecca of the Mid-Atlantic, Dewey Beach (a.k.a, my second home), pretty much the whole area between the beach and the Rehoboth Bay flooded out. A little bit south of town, towards Indian River Inlet, this is what it looked like on a street when a dune broke:

But there’s good news: The Starboard is OK! Like the great Acropolis of Athens, one of the best summer Bro bars in the world weathered the brutal winter storm. According to our guy at Starboard, the place only suffered a few broken awnings.

Bloody Marys for all!

But seriously, it was BAD in coastal Delaware.

Ocean City, Maryland also got slammed. The fishing pier by the Inlet was totally destroyed. No word on what the situation is at Seacrets yet. Have to imagine it got slammed, though, considering it’s right on the bay. And North Beach, another Dewey Beach favorite, wasn’t so lucky either.

This has probably been the worst storm I've seen on the coast of Delaware #deweybeach

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And, with that, #Jonas was done. #byebeach #shegone #deweybeach #delaware #storm #beachtown

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#jonas … take a Xanax. @northbeachivy, time to design a new sign! #deweybeach #jonaspounding #shegone

A photo posted by Peter Briccotto (@sonofapeteahhh) on

Go home, #jonas. You're drunk. #deweybeach #jonaspounding #byebeach #shegone #wine

A photo posted by Peter Briccotto (@sonofapeteahhh) on

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