Scott Van Pelt Courageously Asks Tiger Woods About His Receding Hairline, Tiger Trashes Himself


Twenty years ago, Tiger Woods won the Masters (and his first ever major) in record-breaking fashion, winning the tournament by 12 strokes, catapulting him to a world number one ranking and international fame. Today, the 41-year-old is ranked number 742 in the world and has 100-1 odds to win the Masters. While Tiger’s fall from grace cannot be attributed to one thing in particular, back surgery and a widely publicized and humiliating extramarital saga are two undeniable culprits.

Tiger did himself no favors by revealing a cutting-edge haircut that the internet mocked as a microcosm for the current state of Tiger Woods. ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt addressed the elephant in the room during an interview with Woods today and Tiger handled it like a G.

Credit to Tiger for not letting the online barbs shake him. Some of these are headshots. Literally.