Seahawks’ Chad Wheeler Blames ‘Manic Episode’ After Getting Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Strangle His Girlfriend To Death

Seahawks’ Chad Wheeler has broken his silence after being involved in a disturbing domestic violence incident over the weekend.

On Saturday, Wheeler was arrested after being accused of strangling his girlfriend until she lost consciousness. Wheeler’s girlfriend told police that the NFL player had stopped taking his medication for bipolar disorder days before the incident took place.


The woman told officers that she was aware that Wheeler had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been not taking his medication recently. She informed officers that Wheeler had a “rough week” and appeared to be having a manic episode, the report said.

Wheeler allegedly strangled the woman with both hands but removed one at one point to cover her mouth and nose to impair her breathing, the Kent police report stated. He also allegedly held her down when she began fighting back and the woman lost consciousness for an unknown period of time, according to the report.

When she woke up, she heard Wheeler say “Wow, you’re alive?” She then ran to the bathroom, the report said.

Wheeler’s girlfriend posted pictures and provided horrific details of the incident on social media.

On Wednesday afternoon, Wheeler, who is currently out on bail after posting a $400k bond, took to social media to blame a “manic episode” for the incident and vowed to walk away from football while going out to get help.

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