Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson To Give Graduation Speech At University Of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison is nuts. This has been well documented. Who’s going to man the keg, make the jello shots, keep the noise at a reasonably deafening level? Everything’s up for grabs at this school, including the podium on graduation day. Well, Russell Wilson who seems completely down with keeping up his steady string of publicity/self-promotional stunts just stiff armed any preconceived notions you, me, and anyone else might’ve held about a quarterback from a different college dishing out a graduation speech.

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What’s the young Superbowl victor going to offer up in the way of lessons learnt through a life long lived? Don’t get me wrong man, Wilson’s a force of nature and he’s worked his ass off to get where is today; but he’s 27-years-old, and on the upswing of what looks destined to be a fruitful career. Maybe he’ll seize his 20-minutes up on stage to address University of Wisconsin-Madison on the merits of chancing the ‘hail mary,’ but like ‘go long’ in life, and to never give up, and play till the buzzer beats, and the fatassed red-faced ref (boss) kicks your ass off the field (outta’ the office). I don’t know, but credit to Wilson for his plans to take the stage and attempt to affect a boost in morale amongst a bunch of old ‘n tired undergrads. Some brave UW undergrad jabronie better be ready to dump a fat bucket of Gatorade on Wilson after his speech too.