Skater With A Death Wish Goes Bombing Down San Francisco’s Hills, Somehow Doesn’t Die

by 1 year ago

Skater Sean Greene has been bombing San Francisco’s steep ass hills for quite some time. If you’re not familiar with the phrase ‘bombing’ when it’s used in street sense, here’s the definition Urban Dictionary has for it: ‘The action of rolling down steep hills on a skateboard or longboard.’ This is outlawed in Los Angeles, and I’m not sure about San Francisco but I’ll assume it is there because the hills are so dangerous.

A little danger never stopped skater Sean Greene from bombing the steepest streets in America, though. And the bros over at Thrasher Magazine put together this compilation of Sean Greene’s finest, and holy shit, how is this bro still alive?

I did some stupid shit on a skateboard back in the day but nothing that truly put my life in danger. At best, I would’ve lost some teeth and shattered bones from skating behind cars and bombing down huge parking garages, but this dude’s lucky to be alive. He has no way to control traffic. A car could’ve taken him out at any minute.

(H/T DIGG Video)

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