Sean Payton Is Using A Painfully Literal Metaphor To Try To Motivate The Broncos

Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton

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The Denver Broncos headed into the previous NFL season with clear eyes, full hearts, and the hope losses would be at a minimum with Russell Wilson starting at quarterback and Nathaniel Hackett at the helm. 

Unfortunately, things did not pan out as they would have liked.

Russ ultimately cooked about as well as a McDonald’s employee who was tasked with doing dinner service at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and Hackett was swiftly kicked to the curb two weeks before the end of what would end up being his only season in The Mile High City after posting a 4-11 record.

At the end of January, the Broncos found their newest head coach in the form of Sean Payton, and he wasted no time making it clear some major changes were coming to the franchise after officially accepting the job.

Payton has already shed some insight on his plans to help Wilson turn things around following a truly abysmal season, and it appears he’s also come up with a way to ensure the rest of the players who were subjected to that fairly torturous campaign can move on from it.

According to Peter King, Payton is going to some very great lengths to try to ensure the Broncos won’t be dwelling on their recent past with the help of a laughably on-the-nose prop that will be greeting them in the parking lot at the team’s facilities:

Payton told me he’s going to put an old car front and center in the parking lot so that all players and coaches will see it. He said he’ll have the rearview mirror plus the side mirrors removed from the car.

As he said at the Combine, he wants his players and his new organization to look ahead, and not behind, at the nightmare that was the 2022 Broncos season.

So if you see a stripped-down old jalopy alongside some very nice vehicles in the Broncos parking lot this season, you’ll know why.

It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work.

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