The Lingerie Football League’s Seattle Mist Performed The Best Entrance I’ve Ever Seen

seattle mist entrance video

YouTube - Legends Football League

By the way, they can call it the Legends Football League all the hell they want and I will never stop calling it the Lingerie Football League. Secretly I don’t think they even care, but that’s just my two cents.

That out of the way, the Seattle Mist played the Chicago Bliss in the LFL Championship Game recently and the Mist won it all by a score of 27 to 21. Good job, Mist. Me? I think their key to victory was this epic entrance they performed before the game in which they “Hit the Quan” like I’ve never seen it done before.*

*Mostly because I’ve never seen it done by a group of super fit women wearing bras, panties and shoulder pads.