Seattle Sounders Get Roasted By Soccer Fans For Selling Saddest $15 BBQ Sandwich Ever

Seattle Sounders Get Roasted By Soccer Fans For Selling Saddest $15 BBQ Sandwich Ever

iStockphoto / MarinaZg / Dmitri Zelenevski

  • The Seattle Sounders are getting roasted over a picture of a $15 pulled pork sandwich available to soccer fans at their games
  • The popular Twitter account ‘Footy Scran’ shred the picture and everyone is piling on about how sad the pulled pork is with way too much sauce and not enough meat
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At this point, I firmly believe the popular Twitter account Footy Scran posts pictures of mediocre just to rile up Americans. The account shares the “best (and worst) scran at” games. ‘Scran’ is defined as ‘scraps of food, leftovers’ but here it refers to all of the food that people can buy at soccer guys, food like this sandwich from the Seattle Sounders.

Footy Scran (@FootyScrean) shared this pic of a $15 ‘Pulled pork sandwich at Seattle Sounders’ games and it’s not even the price that has gotten under my skin, or the quality of the food, it’s the amount. The bun already looks saturated from the tiniest bit of barbecue sauce on top and there’s barely any pulled pork on the sandwich to begin with. And the pulled pork that’s there looks more like wood chips than actual pulled pork.

It’s not even chopped pork. I’m honestly not sure what it is but there’s not much going on and I’ve dubbed it the ‘world’s saddest pulled pork sandwich’ based on quantity, not quality. And hundreds of people have been roasting the Seattle Sounders over this sandwich on the Footy Scran account so let’s check out what the people are saying.

Seattle Sounders Get Roasted By Soccer Fans For Selling Saddest $15 BBQ Sandwich Ever

Here are some of the best responses:

We need to fight for a world where fans can bring lunchboxes of their own snacks into stadiums…

Needs. More. Meat.

There are some people in the comments saying you shouldn’t come to seattle for BBQ or order BBQ in Seattle. I’ve never eaten BBQ in Seattle but I’m of the mind that great food can be made anywhere as long as it’s done right. There’s no reason the Seattle Sounders shouldn’t be selling excellent barbecue even if it’s not part of Seattle’s history. They just need to actually try a little harder than this.

What’s Missing Here?

Ultimately, the food itself looks tasty. What they’re missing is enough meat. They need a $5 add-on option for another scoop of pulled pork, they need to actually pull the pork, and then offer some BBQ sauce on the side.

That’s how I’d fix this sandwich. And as far as I can tell there isn’t a side that comes with this sammy which is pretty pathetic. At least toss in a tiny tin of cole slaw for me to throw away…

For anyone out there who is wondering, the Seattle Sounders currently sit 12 out of 14 in the MLS Western Conference but they’ve only played 7 games whereas most of the other teams have played 10.