SEC Baseball Announcer Misspeaks On-Air And It Immediately Went Viral

SEC baseball tournament

Getty Image / Michael Wade / Icon Sportswire

The SEC Baseball Tournament is in full swing. #5 seeded Auburn faced #4 seeded Vanderbilt on Wednesday night. The Vanderbilt commodores emerged victorious after a 6-4 win.

It was, however, a moment from one of the college baseball announcers that became the biggest story of the game. During the bottom of the 8th inning, the play-by-play announcer fumbled over his words and tried to recover but only made it worse.

It was a particularly NSFW moment on the air, at least by ESPN/SEC channel standards. And it immediately went viral on social media.

The announcer attempted to say “we can’t turn the clock back” but mixed up the C and B on ‘clock back’. He quickly fumbled and the other play-by-play announcer gave him a scoff. It was a pretty awkward moment only exacerbated by the announcer’s attempt to rectify the slip up as quickly as possible.

The tweet can be seen here if Twitter is blocked on any devices.

On Twitter, everyone had jokes. Someone joked the other announcer’s scoff sounded like Ruben from The Nutty Professor. Another joked this was “The SEC with BBC on ESPN.”

It really was the scoff for emphasis that caught everyone’s attention after the slip up. Someone wrote “His partner going “Who, or ooh” right after he rolls out the verbal gaffe is classic. Yikes.”

Another person said “Castellanos to hit a HR tomorrow. Place your bets and prosper.” This is a nod to how Nick Castellanos homers always show up after moments like this on-air.

It’s evident this was an accident and it remains to be seen if ESPN will issue an apology or even acknowledge it in future broadcasts.