SEC Warns Of Fines, Coaching Suspensions If Face Coverings Aren’t Worn Properly

sec fining coaches face coverings

Getty Image / Lance King

We’ve seen coaches around the NFL get dinged with fines for not properly wearing face coverings during games already this season and now we could see those same measures taken in the college football world as well.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey sent an internal memo to athletic directors and coaches around the conference for the second week in a row about face coverings and proper coronavirus protocol. This week’s memo is different than last week’s, however, as it outlines possible fines and suspensions if rules aren’t followed properly.

According to ESPN, which obtained a copy of the memo, it states that coaches, staffers, and other personnel that “fail to adhere to the approved task force requirements” will be assessed a $100,000 reduction in conference revenue. The fines will then increase by $100,000 for each week of noncompliance.

“In addition, individuals who fail to comply with or disregard the masking requirement could be subject to penalties, including but not limited to, suspension for a specified period.”

Two coaches that have been seen frequently not wearing masks properly on the sideline included Mississippi State’s Mike Leach, Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher, and Kentucky’s Mark Stoops.

The emphatic memo sent out by the conference coincides with the breakout we’re seeing in the White House as well as the one the Tennessee Titans are trying to get under control at the moment.

The NFL has already fined as many as four head coaches $100,000 each and teams an additional $250,000 for not wearing masks properly during games.