SEC Admits Miss State Got Screwed By Refs On Controversial Punt Return TD That Cost Them Game Vs Memphis


The SEC released a statement admitting officials on the field made a mistake during a controversial punt return TD in the Mississippi State- Memphis game on Saturday.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Miss State appeared to down a punt return which was later picked up by a Memphis player who took it the length of the field for a touchdown. Despite the fact that a ref threw a marker on the field and waved his arms to signal that the play was dead, Memphis was awarded the touchdown. Miss State went on to lose the game by two points which means the punt return TD made a huge difference in the game.

Rules analyst Terry McAulay broke down why the play should have been ruled down when the ref waved his arm to signal the ball was dead.

Fans also noticed that two Memphis players were wearing #4 during the play which should have been a penalty.

The SEC went on to admit that the play should have been ruled dead on replay due to an “inadvertent signal” by the ref. The SEC also said Memphis should have been penalized before the play because two players were wearing #4 on the field.