An Australian Newspaper Is In Scorching Hot Water Over A Racist Cartoon Of Serena Williams

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If you’d asked me last week, I would have predicted the most controversial moment of this year’s U.S. Open wouldn’t have anything to do with what transpired on the court after a fan was caught dunking a chicken finger in her soda.

That all changed during the women’s final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka this weekend, where Williams put umpire Carlos Ramos on blast after he accused her of cheating by taking advice from her coach— an accusation Williams did not take kindly to.

Williams was eventually docked a full game for her behavior and it didn’t take long for Osaka to close out the match and take home her first Grand Slam singles tournament— an achievement that was overshadowed by the controversy that led to both players showing some serious emotion in the wake of her victory.

serena williams cartoon controversy

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The incident sparked a dialogue concerning a noted discrepancy between how male and female tennis players are treated for outbursts on the court and many of her peers were quick to defend her actions and criticize Ramos (and the culture in general).

However, there were plenty of other people who were not a fan of what they perceived as a temper tantrum— including one cartoonist at Australia’s Sun Herald who decided it was a good idea to do… this.

That’s um… not a great look.

If you’re even vaguely familiar with the many racist depictions of black people in the media over the past few centuries it’s pretty clear that this should have never seen the light of day and people quickly jumped on the paper and the cartoonist responsible (including J.K. Rowling, who took a break from retconning the Harry Potter series to share her thoughts).

Others also noted the artist seemed to portray Osaka (who has Japanese and Haitian heritage) as white as if he needed to try to make things worse for himself.

This is also apparently not the first time the cartoonist has managed to be impressively tone-deaf.

This guy might want to take a lifelong break from the whole “cartoon” thing.