Coach Cal Blasted As Shaedon Sharpe Declares For NBA Draft Without Ever Seeing The Floor At Kentucky

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Former top recruit Shaedon Sharpe has declared for the NBA Draft. According to those close to the situation, he has no intention of returning for his sophomore season at Kentucky.

The forward never stepped foot on the court during his freshman year with the Wildcats.

According to coach John Calipari, that was the plan all along.

Sharpe, who was a mid-year enrollee, didn’t join the roster until January. Rather than being thrown into the fire, Coach Cal said that he’d spoken with Sharpe’s family about a plan moving forward.

That plan was to have his star forward sit out the remainder of the season, return to Kentucky in 2022-23, then head off to the NBA as the top draft pick.

Calipari tweeted back in February that Sharpe would not see the floor, but that he was “committed to bettering himself and our team in practice this year and being better prepared to lead us next season.”

In a post-conference following a win over South Carolina, Cal expanded on those thoughts, saying that the decision to return would help solidify Sharpe’s standing as the NBA’s No. 1 overall pick in 2023.

“If this kid comes back, he’s the No. 1 draft pick. How can I say that? Because I’ve had FOUR!”

Those words are now coming back to bite Calipari, as it looks like he’s been played by Sharpe and his family.

With news breaking of the forward’s departure, fans in Lexington are losing it.

Kentucky Fans React To Shaedon Sharpe News

Kentucky basketball fans aren’t known as being the most logical. Hell, they wanted Calipari fired after his opening round loss to Saint Peter’s in the NCAA Tournament.

Now, they’ve pulled the pitchforks back out with Shaedon Sharpe leaving the program.

Quite the reaction from Big Blue Nation. Calipari is likely to make a statement on the situation. He’d better word his response carefully because he’s digging a deep hole with the fanbase.