Shane McMahon Is Seriously Ready To Kick The Undertaker’s Ass, Or So It Seems

by 2 years ago
Shnae McMahon Undertaker WrestleMania


It’s not quite clear whether or not we should take the “shane’s back!” angle as nothing more than a perfectly logical way to “RE-ENGAGE JADED FANS,” but. BOOM, consider myself re-engaged.

Yes, chills running up and down the spine like a magical reptile is more than understandable.

Seriously, the dude is hardly screwing around:

But, even if this unexpected reassurance in the name of Shane ‘O’Mac has been enough to bring serious life back to the business, it sure as hell has me invigorated:

Hell In A Cell Hilarious. Just don’t tell me Shane isn’t willing to kill himself again.

The dude, for the love of all that is holy, is a truly self-less soul yearning for the pay-per view of a lifetime, is also difficult to disrespect. I’m just scared that The Undertaker might actually kill this dude.

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