Shane McMahon Is Seriously Ready To Kick The Undertaker’s Ass, Or So It Seems

Shnae McMahon Undertaker WrestleMania


It’s not quite clear whether or not we should take the “shane’s back!” angle as nothing more than a perfectly logical way to “RE-ENGAGE JADED FANS,” but. BOOM, consider myself re-engaged.

Yes, chills running up and down the spine like a magical reptile is more than understandable.

Seriously, the dude is hardly screwing around:

But, even if this unexpected reassurance in the name of Shane ‘O’Mac has been enough to bring serious life back to the business, it sure as hell has me invigorated:

Hell In A Cell Hilarious. Just don’t tell me Shane isn’t willing to kill himself again.

The dude, for the love of all that is holy, is a truly self-less soul yearning for the pay-per view of a lifetime, is also difficult to disrespect. I’m just scared that The Undertaker might actually kill this dude.

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