Shane McMahon – Yes Shane’O Mac! – Made His Triumphant Return To Monday Night RAW [UPDATE]

WWE RAW kicked off in Detroit tonight with Vince McMahon handing out the coveted Vincent J. McMahon Award for “Legacy of Excellence” and was all set for a glamorous presentation in handing it to his lovable daughter, Stephanie. And then, well then


The video above barely does the ovation justice, as the prolonged pop he got from the crowd easily rivaled what Daniel Bryan got at the height of his popularity. Just glorious. At one point, it looked like Shane got a little choked up by the powerful response from the crowd.

He was also rocking the original Jordans like a champ and told Vince he wants control of Monday Night Raw.

The end result?

Yeah, he gets it just as long as he pins the The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match at WrestleMania XXXII. No problem.


During a commercial break, Shane came out to sincerely thank the crowd for what was obviously an overwhelming moment for him. Pretty cool gesture. And yes, it’s OK to get chills.


So, Shane’O ready to take a big bump again?

Sure as hell seems inevitable.

The dude has always been willing to go well beyond what’s considered reasonable, even by wrestling standards.