Shaq Defends Daryl Morey In China Situation ‘One Of Our Best Values Here In America Is Free Speech, China Can’t Tell Us What To Do’

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Global superstar Shaquille O’neal has chimed in on the Daryl Morey/China situation and he’s defending freedom of speech even if it means it may cost him some business in China.

For the past month, the NBA has faced a firestorm from China after Daryl Morey posted a tweet supporting protestors in Hong Kong.

chinese government bans broadcast nba games


Since then James Harden apologized for Morey, LeBron James threw the Rockets GM under the bus and NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been adamant that the NBA is backing Morey’s freedom of speech.

The Chinese government is still angry with Morey and the NBA and did not air tonight’s NBA opener on TV in the country.

Despite the backlash from the communist country, former NBA player and commentator Shaquille O’neal, who does a lot of business in China, supported Morey’s free speech in a speech during today’s pregame on TNT.

Well said, Shaq.

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