Shaq Gets Ripped Over Awkward Comment About His Experience At An HBCU During All-Star Game


Shaq appears to have once again stuck his foot in his mouth.

Sunday’s NBA All-Star game was dedicated to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. According to the league, they were giving HBCUs $3 million in charitable donations while also putting a spotlight on the schools during the weekend.

While talking about HBCUs during the All-Star game, Shaq told the story of how he couldn’t pass biology at LSU but was able to transfer to Southern University to complete the course.

I have a confession, if it wasn’t for an HBCU, I wouldn’t have graduated from LSU. I couldn’t pass biology at LSU and I cross transferred to Southern University and they let me take a biology class

Many felt Shaq was saying HBCU classes were easier than a state school like LSU which didn’t sit right with viewers at home.