Shaq Suggests The WNBA Should Lower The Rim Which Leads To Extremely Uncomfortable Exchange With Candace Parker

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Shaq and Candace Parker continue to have uncomfortable, awkward arguments on Inside The NBA.

Just a few weeks ago, Candace went viral when she schooled Shaq on the intricacies of the modern NBA offense.

On Tuesday night, Shaq suggested the WNBA lower their rims so that players could dunk but Parker immediately dismissed the idea. The whole thing was pretty painful to watch.

Shaq: In beach volleyball, the women’s net is about half an inch lower, so do you think if we just lower the rim so you could dunk like we dunk that it’ll give you more oomph that you already have. because listen you guys are doing the stepbacks, the pullbacks, ya’ll are doing everything we’re doing, I don’t see a lot of people going up with two hands.

Candace Parker: No, it’s coming I guarantee my next child will be drop step dunking

The WNBA defenders felt Shaq was offbase with his suggestion.

While others believes Shaq’s idea wasn’t bad.