#ShiftTeam Movement


No one really knows what Shiftteam actually means but the creator himself Trevor Dunbar. Trevor is an high school basketball superstar who has gotten alot of atention internationally from his basketball videos or mixtapes on Yayareasfinnest. Shifteam, Shift, or Shifty  is written on the title of everyone of his videos and he sometimes mentions the word after making his defender fall from a deadly crossover or hitting consective shots. Some believe “Shiftteam” is a movement of highly talented players that obtain extremely nice handles and drop buckets every game. The word  “shift” could be the action of the defender shifting to the opposite side of the offenders crossover.

Trevor is getting looks from Arizona State, Florida A&M, Montana State, Boise State and more. Some might be say “Those school are weak at basketball”, but the kid is only a junior and is one of the top basketball players in his state for the class of 2014.