Skip Bayless Lays Waste To Trent Dilfer For His Controversial Colin Kaepernick Comments

That’s right, Skip Bayless of all people, the man we love to hate, actually had an actually reasonable take on the whole Colin Kaepernick situation.

Appearing on FS1’s Undisputed, Bayless took issue with some of the comments that ESPN football analyst Trent Dilfer has been spouting of late. (By the way, Dilfer doubled down on those today.)

Skip’s major problem with Dilfer’s remarks focused on him saying that Colin Kaepernick needed to know his place as a back up quarterback.

“Let’s get back to Trent Dilfer. That was typical old school quarterback mentality that you just spoke of. That was so typical. Dispassionate. Disconnected to the point of being clueless. Sort of ex-white quarterback mentality. This is how you do it. You should be thankful and you should be honored to be in the NFL quarterback fraternity. So if you’re a starter, you can speak out a little more. But if you’re a backup, to use your line again, and it’s my favorite line, you are to be seen and not heard. You are to prepare for the game and be ready to play in case of. And you are to remain in the shadows so as not to distract or disturb or wreck your team unity.

Obviously, I’m not not black. But this is one thing I do know after years and years of working with a lot of black players and black commentators on many networks: That if you go to the place of you’re telling a black man, or a black woman, that ‘You should know your place and stay in it,’ when you get to there, them’s fighting words. That smacks of plantation mentality. You cannot go there — and he went there. Because no matter what you’re trying to say in the football context, we’re not in the football context any more. We have risen above it to an issue that is far more important than any football game.”

Whoa. Look at Skip Bayless putting together some coherent thoughts on a rather important topic! Maybe this move to FS1 has made him a new man? Eh, give him a week and I am sure he’ll go back to spitting nonsense. But until then, keep it up, Skip, and we might not actually hate you…as much.

(The video should be queued up to the 4 minute mark, but if it’s not just fast forward there for Skip’s take.)

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