Good Ol’ Boys Fishing For Snapper Reel In Half A Fish And WHOA, That’s A Bigass Great White Shark

by 2 years ago

Here we’ve got a couple of good ol’ boys from Jacksonville, Florida out fishing for snapper who were somewhat surprised to have reeled in half a fish. What we don’t see in the video is this: when the angler was fighting the fish and the line went slack he 100% knew what’d happened, that a shark had bitten the snapper in half. From there though he 1) didn’t know how big the snapper he was fighting was until they got it to the surface (it was HUGE), and 2) didn’t realize that the shark which bit the snapper in half was actually a massive great white.

Growing up in Florida I can confidently say that fishermen from the Sunshine State NEVER expect to see a Great White. When you’re fighting a fish and the line goes slack it’s usually one of a handful of shark species: bull shark, hammerhead, lemon shark, tiger shark, bonnet head, or a nurse shark (maybe a Mako but they’re pretty rare). You just NEVER expect to see a Great White, which is odd because I see videos on the regular of Great White sharks swimming in Florida waters. I’m guessing that this wasn’t these bros’ first encounter with one either, because they weren’t shitting their pants in the way that a fisherman would if he’d never seen a Great White shark in his life.

I just hope they at least got a little bit of that fresh snapper in the boat to salvage for a meal, or they were able to pull up some others from the deep…



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