Snowboarder Crashes Into Sheep, Then Gets Rammed For His Mistake

We’ve got a bonafide viral video on our hands here, bros. This footage of a Russian snowboarder crashing into a sheep and getting rammed by the animal for his insolence has eclipsed 1 million views in just a few days.

The snowboarder was just cruising along with his friend at the Arkhyz ski resort in Russia when he took a wrong turn which set him on a crash course that ended with a sheep fucking his day up. I’m sure there are some animal rights activists out there whose panties are in a bunch over this video, but the sheep walked away unscathed as did the snowboarder, so all’s well that ends well…right?

I can’t help but wonder who was more shocked in this situation. The sheep after suddenly getting barreled over by a snowboarder, or the snowboarder when he found himself on his ass, covered in snow, being rammed by a sheep. I’m sure the sheep had at least seen other snowboarders in the area that day, or previously, but I can’t imagine the snowboarder ever expected to get #wrekt by a fucking sheep on the slopes.

Nothing in Russia is normal, not even snowboarding.

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