Let’s Laugh At These Jackass Soccer Medics Who Dropped A Player Because They Didn’t Know How To Use A Stretcher

I’m not the strongest dude in the world, but, with the help of another person, even I could carry a guy off of a soccer field about 150 feet on a stretcher. These medics who are actually paid to do it, though? Yeah, not so much.

During a soccer match in Israel today, a duo of dumb and dumber medics who had one job failed miserably at it, dropping an injured player from a stretcher, which, ultimately, led to the guy’s teammate just picking him up and walking him to the sideline himself.

I’d imagine the job description for a soccer medic is this: Don’t injure an already injured player worse. If that’s the main objective, then these guys might want to start applying to new gigs tonight.

[H/T Deadspin]

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