An Annoyed Spencer Rattler Responds To Most Ridiculous Question About Oklahoma Ahead Of His South Carolina Debut

South Carolina D-End Shares Funny Story About Facing Spencer Rattler

University of South Carolina Athletics

Spencer Rattler is gearing up for his debut with the South Carolina Gamecocks. Unfortunately, he’s still answering questions about his days at Oklahoma.

The quarterback transferred to South Carolina over the offseason after playing two seasons in Norman for the Sooners. Obviously, with the way things ended at his former school, the passer was bound to be asked about his experience with Oklahoma and how he’s been able to grow.

But with fall rolling in and the season opener right around the corner, it seems ridiculous that Rattler is still answering inquiries about his time at Oklahoma.

Surprisingly, that’s the case.

On Tuesday, Rattler spoke to the media with the Gamecocks just a few days out from a Week 1 matchup against Georgia State. Rather than talk about the game, though, one reporter decided to focus on a ridiculous topic.

Annoyed Spencer Rattler replies to stupid Oklahoma question

The reporter asks:

“Going back to your anticipation to running out to ‘2001,’ going back to your days at Oklahoma with the very famous Boomer Sooner, what was that like? Did you guys actually run out behind that?”

Um… what?

Are we really talking about the entrance at his prior school just four days before his debut with South Carolina? Unfortunately, it’s been par for the course for this particular reporter.

The quarterback appropriately brushed it off and said his focus is on the Gamecocks. Hopefully, that will be the last question Rattler has to answer on his time at Oklahoma.

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