South Carolina Scored A Meaningless TD With 11 Seconds Left Versus Alabama And It Cost Sports Gamblers A Ton

Sports gamblers lost a ton of money after South Carolina scored a meaningless touchdown against Alabama with 11 seconds left

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Sports gambling is unforgiving. For any of us who have ever thrown money down on a sporting event, we know that, just when you thought you’ve won and are prematurely celebrating a victory that’s going to rake in hundreds or thousands of dollars, the betting gods pull a quick one on you and cause something totally crappy to happen in the game, ending your shot at a big payday.

It’s one of the most terrible, frustrating and most pissed-off feelings ever — and it happened to more than a few people during this past weekend’s college football game between South Carolina and Alabama.

During the Tide’s dominance performance, the Gamecocks figured they’d “play till the clock said triple zeros,” refusing to ever give in or wave the white flag. That mentality got South Carolina a meaningless touchdown with 11 seconds left, which, ultimately, made the loss to Bama a little less embarrassing — it was only a 47-23 final score — but that fighting spirt led to plenty of people griping about the Cocks being, well, cocks, because the late score meant they covered the spread.

Considering it was a really bad beat, people on Twitter couldn’t hold back from voicing their frustration. Take a look at some of the stuff people were saying — and how the difference in 11 seconds meant one sports bettor missed out on a $5,000 victory after a $2 parlay.


Hey, sports gambling isn’t for the faint of heart, and South Carolina scoring a touchdown with just 11 seconds left during a blowout loss is further proof of that. Sure, at times, throwing money on a bet can lead to big-time returns — like those dudes who scooped a bunch of cash after a bold bet on the St. Louis Blues to win last season’s Stanley Cup, or the lucky person who bet Tiger Woods would win the Masters earlier this year — but, for the most part, putting your hard earned cash in the fate of a game you have zero impact on is too risky.

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