Lucky Sports Gambler Wins A Ton Of Cash After $5 Bet On Unlikely 15-Leg Parlay



Sports gambling has never been too kind to me. Unfortunately, while my ridiculous sports knowledge comes in handy when watching games with buddies and shooting the sh*t with buddies at bars, when it comes to dropping money on results of games, I’m F’in miserable. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually won any money when sports gambling, showing you just how much of a waste of money it is for me to even try.

One person seems to have a helluva lot better luck when it comes to sports gambling than I do, though, because, according to Bleacher Report, per Darren Rovell’s Twitter, some bettor just won $100,000 after hitting on a $5, 15-team parlay. Here’s the winning ticket, which looks more like a CVS receipt than a betting ticket, given all the wild scenarios that needed to happen in order for this to hit.

Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask me. Then again, I just told you I’ve never won a damn thing when sports gambling, so even if this person had won back his $5, he/she would’ve already won more than I ever have.

According to Bleacher Report and Rovell, the winner came from West Virginia, which is one of seven U.S. States to join Nevada in offering sports gambling since the U.S. Supreme Court decision in May of last year. While there are plenty more people betting on sports in Las Vegas, this person sure is happy to have West Virginia allow sports gambling now, because, damn, that’s a lot of coin to win for five measly dollars.

Considering this happened on one of the last days of the year, I wonder if the winner was having a crappy 2018 and thought, screw it, figuring there was nothing left to lose. Who knows? Either way, it’s a pretty awesome way to kick-off a new year.

(H/T BleacherReport)

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