What It’s Like To Work With A Professional Handicapper’s Sports Investment Firm

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Why Do We Gamble?

We gamble for one reason and one reason only. Believe it or not, that $1 bet in 3rd grade with Pete and the last time you played cards with the boys share a common goal. We gamble to make money. Gambling for any other reason is the closest thing to flushing money down the toilet without literally depositing a check in the bathroom.

Our intent, and the core of why we gamble, is to maximize the return on our investment. Every dollar on the line is a risk and every cashed ticket helps ROI (return on investment). And just like the world of investment banking and trading, the most successful bettors go on to develop systems and programs that help clients minimize risk and maximize returns on sports investments. The same process they use to identify the best betting opportunities can be applied to help grow the wealth of their clientele.

Like traditional investors, the most successful gamblers are those equipped with the knowledge and experience to analyze relevant data points and forecast outcomes. These handicappers find the best opportunities to win and pinpoint situations that provide the greatest value for betters.

Systematic research and data-based decisions are exactly what made Jon Price of Sports Information Traders one of the most famous handicappers and feared (by the casinos) gamblers in the world of sports betting.

“We are no different then the best day traders or hedge fund managers in the world.”

– Jon Price, CEO of Sports Information Traders

Price has cashed on multiple wagers that drew attention from sportsbooks, media, and handicappers alike. For example, Jon placed a $22,000.00 bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the 2015 World Series… IN APRIL! Before the season began, Price risked $22,000 on a bet that cashed him $264,000 in winnings.
So, clearly, this isn’t the self-proclaimed “handicapper” on Twitter that’s DMing you to buy picks because they “hit 88% this season and clients are averaging +74.3 units.” Don’t be tricked or fooled by the self-proclaimed experts, of which there are many.

Price and his team at Sports Information Traders take a data-driven, quantitative approach to handicapping. It’s not as simple as predicting scores and outcomes, but instead identifying where the best value lies in spreads and pinpointing situations where oddsmakers have left themselves vulnerable. Because averaging 50% or more in this business is hugely successful and with the right guidance, betters can profit more going 4-1 on the right bets than going 9-2 on lines with lesser value.

Using Sports Information Traders Services

A few weeks ago, BroBible and Sports Information Traders began chatting which lead to S.I.T. sending some picks to show us just how effective and successful its sports investment services are for its clients. And wow, they weren’t kidding. Hot out of the gate, they go 4-1-1 on the weekend; 2-0-1 in college football and 2-1-0 on NFL picks.

Here is a breakdown of that week’s picks from Sports Information Traders and the why their research supported these selections:

Michigan Wolverines at Indiana Hoosiers

Pick: Michigan -7

Result: Push (UM 27, IU 20)

Long story short, this was just one of their favorite picks for the week without a ton of outside thinking or commentary.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Miami Hurricanes

Pick: Georgia Tech +6.5

Result: Win (GT 24, Miami 25)

The team at Sports Information Traders told us they saw this line as a clear overreaction to the Hurricane’s victory over Florida State.

In the weeks following this game, they’ve noted the value in fading Miami for the game or two following the victory over Florida State. The Hurricanes then went to Syracuse and failed to cover the hefty spread of ~17.5 points.

Missouri Tigers at Georgia Bulldogs

Pick: Over 56.5

Result: Win (UGA 53, Mizzou 28)

The S.I.T. team pointed out that Georgia had been averaging almost 40-points per game going into their home tilt against Missouri. More notably, calling out that Vegas hadn’t yet adjusted for the Bulldog’s offense coming alive.
Georgia went on to nearly cover the total on their own in this game, posting 53 points. The Bulldog’s have since brought their PPG Average against SEC opponents to an impressive 42.4.

San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

Pick: 49ers +11

Result: Win (SF 24, Wash 26)

As Sports Information Traders expected, the 49ers continued the streak of games being decided by 3 -points or less. They predicted this game to come down to the wire and that’s exactly what happened.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals

Pick: Buccaneers -1.5

Result: Loss (TB 33, Ari 38)

The biggest driving factor for this pick was the line value. The Buccaneers line closed at -2.5 or -3 for most books, so the Sports Information Traders saw the value in taking this line at -1.5 while their clients were able to do so. They distributed the pick on the Friday before the game knowing the line would move towards Tampa Bay having to cover a larger spread.

While S.I.T. is stand up in their picks and believes in winning, and no excuses for losses. I will note that Tampa Bay’s starting quarterback, Jameis Winston left the game in the 2nd quarter with a shoulder injury.

New York Giants at Denver Broncos

Pick: Under 40

Result: Win (NYG 23, Den 10)

This was another line value driven pick by Sports Information Traders. The line would go on to close at 38.5, and in many cases 1.5 points can make a world of difference.

Needless to say, these made for successful weekend and the kind of ROI (return on investment) that Sports Information Traders’ clients have come to expect. But for handicapping services like S.I.T. and its clients, it isn’t successful weekends that matter; it’s successful months, seasons, years, and careers that lead to real impact on financial growth.

After a successful first run, we thought, “Well, it’s just one week. Let’s see them in action again.” So, they sent us picks for last weekend.

Here’s how they did:

Oklahoma State Cowboys at West Virginia Mountaineers

Pick: WVU +7.5

Result: Loss (WVU 39, OK St 50)

The team at S.I.T. saw this game as a situation where the wrong team was favored and expected the line to lose value as it could potentially move from WVU +7.5 to WVU +6.5 by kickoff.

The Mountaineers tripped out of the gate as they struggled to get their scoring started. West Virginia’s inability to convert 3rd-down opportunities and capitalize on turnovers kept them behind the entire game, and losing against the spread for more than half.

Georgia Bulldogs vs Florida Gators

Pick: UGA -13

Result: Win (UGA 42, UF 7)

More line value here as the Bulldogs have been a team on the rise and were seeking revenge against the Gators for the past three years. This was a cakewalk, this bet never even sniffed danger as Georgia lead 21-0 at the end of the 1st quarter and shut out the Gators until the final 3-minutes of play.

Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals

Pick: Over 41

Result: Win (Indi 23, Cinci 24)

With the Colts ranking 30th in Total Defense and Jacoby Brissett running the show on the other side of the ball, S.I.T. was this game was primed for the over.

While this bet involved a little more sweating than the Georgia game, it helped secure another winning weekend.


All told, Sports Information Traders provided us full transparency on 9 of their selections over a two week period.

The results: 6 Wins, 2 Losses, and 1 Push.

Impressive. Very impressive.

In an industry filled with claims of glamorous success and Touts who may claim unreasonable success rates, Price and his team believe in full transparency and documentation. David Michaels, Regional Director at Sports Information Traders told us “Anyone in this industry who tells you they win 90% or 80% of their selections over a long-term period are only fooling themselves. Bankroll management and a winning percentage well above 60% is what we strive to achieve.”

The selections his team sent us prior to publishing this column clearly back that up. While the results are impressive in their own right, the transparency and communication from the Sports Information Traders team were second to none.

Our two week of working with S.I.T. gave us a glimpse into the first-class experience and results that they provide to their clients on a week-to-week basis.

Sports As A Science, Not A Show

As much as we all claim to know the most about certain teams or sports, so few see the games for what they are: a decipherable science.

Price has built the team at Sports Information Traders by hiring Ph.D.’s with experience in fields like statistics, computer science, mathematics, or physics. The type of people who aren’t fans of the teams or leagues but can analyze data sets and make plays that help clients grow their wealth.

“I only hire winners. If you don’t eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff, then you’re not for our team. We take this business and our clients’ very seriously and very personal. People come to us to help grow their hard-earned fortunes into bigger fortunes, and when you’re dealing with someone’s lifelong investment, you don’t take that kind of thing lightly.”

– Jon Price, CEO of Sports Information Traders


For me, the consistency of calculated plays from sports investment professionals like S.I.T. brings an entire new aspect of financial opportunity to sports betting. I mentioned before, bettors with the right guidance can profit more from a 4-1 day than a 9-2 weekend with the help of a sports analytical service like Sports Information Traders. When I got the chance to use picks from S.I.T., I saw a safer and larger return by investing in their plays going 2-1 then I have ever experienced. Even weekends with more winners, I diluted my financial returns because I lacked the confidence and guidance that I experienced when using a sports investment service.

Finding value, minimizing risks, and maximizing returns through quantitative research is what S.I.T. does for its clients. They know people work hard for their money and they’re serious about increasing their wealth through investing, and not through fandom or luck.

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