Sports Memorabilia Expert Believes Bucs Fan Missed Out On $750K By Giving Back Tom Brady 600th TD Ball

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The Bucs fan who gave back Tom Brady’s 600th TD ball may have missed out on a big payday.

During Sunday’s Bucs-Bears game. Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans accidentally handed Brady’s 600th TD ball to a fan in the stands. The Bucs were able to convince the man to give back the ball for another ball and a $1k gift card.

Sports memorabilia experts have weighed in on the value of the ball and it’s in the six-figure range.

Ken Goldin of Goldin auctions believes the ball would easily sell for $500k.

Ezra Klein of believes the ball is probably worth closer to the $750k range.

Via Yahoo Sports

ra Levine, CEO of the sports memorabilia investment platform Collectible declared the ball worth “easily $500,000-plus” and probably “closer to $750,000.”

After the game, Brady promised to give the fan ‘something nice” for giving back the ball.