Watching Steph Curry Dribble A Basketball Is Hypnotizing And Wow This Dude Is NOT Human

Getty Image

Steph Curry’s handle and dribbling skills are downright dizzying to watch. I have no idea how this dude’s brain keeps up with his hands, which somehow keep up with the ball. It’s almost complicated to watch, let alone do. It just doesn’t make any sense.

The dude is borderline perverse on the basketball court, yet he does it so smoothly and effortlessly. And this is from a simple pregame shootaround.

Of course he sinks the reverse layup.

Serious question: Would you rather try to guard Steph Curry on national TV, which would no doubt end with you on the floor flailing like a helpless, dying fish, or would you rather sit next to Bob Costas for seven hours while he pontificates on the sanctity of the baseball Hall of Fame?

I’m leaning Curry. Over quick. Dust yourself off and move on.

Here’s another dribbling clinic by Steph. It’s important to emphasize that this takes practice and discipline. A shitload of practice and discipline.

Now go dribble a basketball in your driveway for a few days and see what you net out with.


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