Steph Curry Shot Back At The Haters Of His Gym Teacher Shoes By Writing A Message On Them

Under Armour unveiled the highly anticipated Curry 2s last week, and god damn they are blander than grilled chicken. While Nike is making auto-lacing sneakers, Under Armour has decided to make the exact replica of the shoes worn by every substitute gym teacher in America.  The widespread hate for Curry’s second shoe with UA permeated through the layers of popular culture, with Jimmy Kimmel even producing a dad shoe commercial  that sums up just how everyone feels. Also, the tweets were glorious…

When asked about the shoes, Curry became a bit defensive and claimed they are ‘fire.’ Ok bro.

The two-time NBA MVP doubled down on his support of the dad sneaker while meeting with the media on Sunday by etching the phrase ‘Straight Fire’ on the toe of the right foot.

Steph, if you have to validate that your shoes are fire by writing it on them, they probably aren’t fire. They look like they come with Dr. Scholl’s inserts.

[h/t For The Win]

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