Jimmy Kimmel Gave Those Awful Steph Curry Kicks The Dad Shoe Commercial They Deserved

Steph Curry 2s


Steph Curry is the greatest shooter any of us have ever seen in our lives—which he proved last night during Game 4 of the NBA Finals–but the Golden State Warriors’ superstar doesn’t have swag in everything that he does.

After telling you about the Internet’s ruthless reaction to Steph’s new ‘Curry 2 Low’—which was so perfect it hurts—Jimmy Kimmel thought he’d have some fun with the orthopedic looking shoes, releasing this hilarious spoof video of the “Dad shoes.”

Kimmel’s commercial couldn’t have been any more spot on, with the whole cleaning the gutters or walking around the block at a moderate speed references.

Maybe even funnier than the commercial is the fact that Curry actually called these things “fire” following last night’s game:

Ok, man, whatever you say.

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