Steph Curry Takes Funny Shot At Michael Jordan For Saying Curry Isn’t A Hall Of Famer Yet

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There is no doubt in my mind that Michael Jordan is the only human being that Michael Jordan believes worthy enough to be in the Hall of Fame. The worst day of every year for MJ is the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, when another class of hapless scrubs dilute his brilliance.

That’s why I may have been the only person in America not surprised that The Great One doesn’t deem Steph Curry, who doesn’t even have a Finals MVP Award to his name (pssh), unworthy of a spot among him in the Hall of Fame. Three championships, five NBA Finals appearances, two MVP awards, and statistically being the best shooter to ever live simply ain’t going to cut it in Mike’s eyes, small fry.

Last month, instead of telling the GOAT to go pound sand, Curry decided to use MJ’s comments to fuel his fire, referring to Jordan as “the greatest of all time” before admitting that he still has a lot to prove to himself.

Curry, who is particularly generous about sending his shoes to fans, was recently asked if he ever sends pairs of shoes to his “haters,” and it became clear that Jordan’s comments from a month ago are still fresh on Curry’s mind.

Boom roasted, MJ! Hey MJ, I’d win six titles too if I had the luxury of riding Bill Wennington’s back hair to victory. Pathetic!

P.S. This has nothing to do with any of the previous words, but I’m a sucker for witnessing uber-famous pro athletes doing everyday things like us mouth breathers. So here’s Steph Curry going through a drive-thru and nearly giving a group of girls a panic attack.

He’s just like us!

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